This sandwich, topped and overflowing with noodles and chicken, reminded me of home. #tonybaloneys #allthedeliciouscarbs

Yes. Yes you are. #tullamoredew (at The Ale House)

Earlier adventures in art. (at Parlor Gallery)

Always truffle your fries. #truffles #drake (at Umami Burger New York)

Julia Wiedeman, John Frusciante, Jim O’Grady, and Adam Wade! Hosted by Dave Martin, tonight’s Nights of Our Lives show was terrific. WADE! #adamwade #bestinthebiz (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY)

Yep. (at The Speakeatery)

Happy feet. (at Asbury Park Beach)

Box Brown’s biography of Andre The Giant is excellent.

Sad that summer is almost over, but excited that Punkin Ale is back. Also, cool label.

And now, this. Union Republic’s Market Fish Mazeman Ramen is delicious. (at Union Republic)